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BJP getting 55 seats in Chhattisgarh: Raman

Raipur, November 19, 2008: BJP would be forming government again in Chhattisgarh with a majority of at least 55 seats, state Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said today.

A day ahead of the poll in 51 constituencies, the Chief Minister while talking to media said, this time the BJP would be getting more seats than what it had in December 2003 election.

The BJP would be getting more than 2003 assembly election and that would be about 55 seats, Singh said.

He also pointed out that the issues like road, electricity, water and infrastructure were entirely missing from the campaign where as issues like corruption was raised by Congress.

The issue of corruption had no importance as in the last five years the central ministers and secretaries had been praising the state BJP government for its performance and never ever pointed out any such things, than why it was being raised at the time of election, the Chief Minister asked.

Notifications issues for polls to 11 Urban Local bodies


Raipur, December 07, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today issued notification for election to eleven urban local bodies of the state. With the notification, pr

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Polls in 11 Urban Local bodies on December28


Raipur, November 21, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today declared the election schedule for eleven urban local bodies of the state. State Election Commission

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