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Notifications issues for polls to 11 Urban Local bodies



Raipur, December 07, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today issued notification for election to eleven urban local bodies of the state.

With the notification, process of nomination was also started today.

The nomination will continue till December 14 and voting will be held on December 28 and counting on December 31.

Election will be held in Municipal Corporation Bhilai, and Municipality of Jamul, Khairagarh, Baikunthpur, Shivpurcharcha.

Notifications were also issued for Nagar Panchayat Maro, Konta, Bhairamgarh, Bhopalpatnam, Narharpur and Prem Nagar.

Although the State Election Commission Prefulla Chandra Dalai has announced the poll scheduled, but both the main political parties BJP and Congress have not yet decided their candidates for the urban local bodies.

Looking into the tussle over the list of candidates, both the parties fear revolt in the rank and file.

Polls in 11 Urban Local bodies on December28


Raipur, November 21, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today declared the election schedule for eleven urban local bodies of the state. State Election Commission

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Split verdict in Birgaon Corporation election


Birgaon, November 19, 2015: People of Birgaon Municipal Corporation have a split verdict in the election. When the post of mayor went to Ambika Yadu of BJP, Congress ha

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