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Repolling in 6 places in Bastar district



Jagdalpur, April 17, 2009: Repolling could be ordered in six places in Bastar Parliamentary seat of Chhattisgarh, officials said here today.

The election for the Bastar seat took place yesterday and on the basis of reports from the polling centres, re-polling could be possible in six places of the seat, according to Deputy Election officer of the District Phul Singh Netam.

Four places in Narayanpur assembly segments namely Padeli, Khadpadi, Kormel and Korbabeda polling centres and two in Nutanpal and Burgum centres of the Chitrakote segment repolling would be ordered.

Meanwhile, Electronic Voting Machines have started been deposited at the strong rooms by various polling parties.

Elaborate security arrangements have been made so that the polling parties could reach their base areas safely and the EVMs could be deposited for the May 16 counting and the voting machines have started been deposited, officials said.

Notifications issues for polls to 11 Urban Local bodies


Raipur, December 07, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today issued notification for election to eleven urban local bodies of the state. With the notification, pr

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Polls in 11 Urban Local bodies on December28


Raipur, November 21, 2015: Chhattisgarh Election Commission today declared the election schedule for eleven urban local bodies of the state. State Election Commission

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