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CM Raman stresses for water conservation


Dr.Raman Singh

Raipur, April 10, 2016: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, through his monthly radio programme Raman Ke Goth, today called upon the people of the state to conserve water for a better future.

For over exploitation of ground water the numbers of villages with excess fluoride have increased to 405 from only three to four in the year 2009, Singh told his listeners.

Whether hand pumps or other water sources, all have been reduced to dry due to excess exploitation of ground water, he said.

It was not only hand pumps, but also power pumps are responsible for depletion of ground water, the Chief Minister said adding there are districts where power pumps have even exceed hand pumps.

Rajnandgaon district has 17,600 hand pumps where as it has over 31,000 power pumps, he said, while drawing attention to the people towards the water scarcity when the state was reeling under a severe drought condition due to scanty rainfall.

Three thousand litre of water was required for production of only one kg of paddy, Singh said adding if 100 pumps run for paddy cultivation, one can imagine the consequences of the village.

"This is the reason why I request you all to conserve ground water," the Chief Minister said.

Everyone should harvest water, Singh said adding, rain water harvesting will re-charge the ground water.

Today was the eighth episode of the Raman Ke Goth, which was broadcast from 10.45 to 11.00 AM today, on the second Sunday of the month from All India Radio Raipur and all stations of the state carried that and even regional television channels beamed the programme live.

Raman Ke Goth was started on September 13, last.

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