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Devlal Dugga humiliated at Raj Bhawan

Raipur, August 15, 2010: Prominent BJP tribal leader and a cabinet minister ranked Scheduled Tribe Commission Chairman Devlal Dugga was not allowed to enter the Raj Bhawan in his marked vehicle today.

Dugga showing an invitation card told the police that he had been invited by the Governor for the evening party and he be allowed to go inside the premises in his marked official car.

However, a police officer was seen telling him that he (Dugga) was not having the right kind of pass to enter the premises in his car. Hence he was asked to take a walk, if want so.

After a heated discussion on the issue, the tribal leader said he does not want to attend a function, in which people are disrespect and discourteous towards him.

One of the police officers, present there said "you can leave the place but with the white car pass we can never allow you to enter the Raj Bhawan boarding a vehicle".

Finally the former senior legislature Dugga left the place feeling humiliated.

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