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            Raipur, August 19, 2008: Pushing the Chhattisgarh government into troubled water ahead of the Assembly election, the Centre had objected to the decision of the state to have three Director General ranked officers in the state police.

            The state can have one regular DG and another DG from the ex-cadre post, but Chhattisgarh has three DG ranked officers currently which irked the Centre, officials said today.

            Objecting the decision to have more than sanctioned officers of DG rank, the Centre refused to give permission to have a third DG in the state, apparently opposing the promotion of Sant Kumar Paswan as the DG Jail and Home Guards, they said.

            When contacted, Home Department officials said the Centre had sought some clarification and that are being provided and the problems would be solved soon.

            The state had earlier also three DG ranked officers and it was not a new thing and that happened with many other states also, they said while refusing to attach much importance to that.

            On November 15, last year Paswan was promoted as posted as DG after DG ranked officer Rajiv Mathur was relieved for Central deputation. Besides Paswan the state has Vishwa Ranjan as the Director General of Police and Anil M Nawani is the DG Armed Forces.

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