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     New Delhi, April 07, 2024: Election Commission of India (ECI) has embarked on an innovative journey to engage citizens through unique campaigns like ‘Turning 18’ and ‘You are the One’ on social media platforms.

     The Commission has also come up with a theme of “Chunav Ka Parv, Desk Ka Garv” as a messaging strategy.

Chunav Ka Parv, Desk Ka Garv Campaign

     Currently ECI has the social media presence on major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube with recent additions of Public App, WhatsApp Channel, and LinkedIn.

     Talking about the ‘Turning 18’ Campaign, Election Commission sources said, the ECI has on various occasions identified urban apathy and youth apathy as a cause for concern in its quest to improve voter turnout.

Turning 18 Campaign

     The ECI campaign of ‘Turning 18, in the run-up to the 18th Lok Sabha Elections, specifically targets young and first-time voters.

     The primary objective is to galvanize youngsters to participate in the upcoming elections and address the critical issues of urban and youth apathy noticed in previous elections, the sources said.

     The ‘Turning 18’ campaign employs various compelling themes and strategies to capture the attention of its audience. The strategy involves branding of individual series with thematic logos for easy identification and association.

     Additionally, the campaign portrays a comparison of past and recent elections, as ‘then vs. now’ to underscore the progress made over time. By emphasizing the significance of voting immediately upon turning 18, the campaign seeks to inspire a sense of civic responsibility among young voters.

     Furthermore, infographics, highlighting the growing participation of the women electorate, especially in the age bracket of 18-30 showcases the inclusivity of India’s democratic process, they added.

      The impact of the ‘Turning 18’ campaign is substantial, with widespread amplification facilitated by State Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) and the national public broadcaster, DD News and Akashvani.

     Moreover, ECI has collaborated with its popular network of National and State SVEEP icons to have a multiplier effect. This concerted effort helps disseminate the campaign’s message across diverse segments of society, effectively reaching its target audience and generating significant momentum for the forthcoming poll days, the sources said.

     Building on ‘Turning 18’ campaign, the ECI has launched another impactful campaign titled ‘You Are the One.’ This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of various stakeholders involved in the electoral process. From voters and political parties to Booth Level Officers (BLOs), ground staff, polling parties, administrative personnel, media professionals, central forces, and security personnel, each stakeholder plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the electoral process.

     Through engaging storytelling and captivating visuals the campaign highlights the dedication and commitment of these individuals, inspiring pride in their roles and responsibilities within the democratic framework.

     It involves highlighting the key stakeholders, interesting anecdotes, and stories from the elections of the past, and videos/reels that unravel the tireless efforts of polling teams working behind the scenes, navigating challenging terrains to ensure every voter is reached.

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