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            Raipur, June 22, 2008: Again for the first time in India, a group of IAS officers have alleged that bribe was demanded from them to pass them in the Departmental Examinations in Chhattisgarh.

The 2004, 2005 and 2006 batch IAS officers from Chhattisgarh cadre have requested their IAS officers Association President B K S Ray to convene a meeting of the General Body to discuss the matter of bribe and also physical assault on IAS officers.

            In that letter, about ten IAS officers have demanded their Association to take up the matter with the top authority as they alleged officers of the IAS fraternity (are) being demanded bribe in order to pass the Departmental Exams.

            When contacted, Association President Ray, who is incidentally the senior most IAS officer of the state, refused to comment on the matter.

            However, one of the young officers said today that after having failed in the successive Departmental Examinations, the young IAS officers’ first complaint to the higher authorities and then went to the Association as bribes were demanded to pass them in the examinations.

            The Association had also discussed the matter recently but rejected the proposal of the young officers to pass any resolution condemning the incident or demanding any probe into the allegation, Association sources said.  

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