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     Raipur, June 13, 2024: Vishnu Dev Sai government today appointed retired Justice C B Bajpai as the single member judicial commission to probe the incident of jaitkham damage in Girodhpuri area of Baloda Bazar district in the state.

     The state government today appointed retired Justice C B Bajpai as the head of the judicial commission to probe the incident in Amargupha incident in Mahkoni of Girodhpuri area in Baloda Bazar district, official sources said.

     The official order to this effect has been issued today as promised by the Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai and Home Minister Vijay Sharma, they added.

     The Judicial commission will submit its report within three months, official sources said.

     The judicial commission will probe on six different points, the sources said.

     On the intervening night of 15 and 16 May, 2024 the Jaitkham of the Satnami samaj was damaged by unidentified persons in Amargupha area, because of which there was widespread anger among the community members.

     Demanding a high level probe the members of the community staged a demonstration and an unruly mob set on fire the district collectorate and the SP office on June 10, last destroying the entire buildings.

     On June 11 both the Collector K L Chouhan and SP Sadanand Kumar were transferred out of the district following the violence.

     The Chief Minister also met a high level delegation of the Satnami community to bring in peace in the area.

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