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            Raipur, August 27, 2008: Succumbing to the pressure from the 3 lakh employees the Raman Singh government today decided to give salary to its employees as per the Six Pay Commission recommendation.

            In a nine-lined statement, the state government said it had decided to implement the recommendation of the Six Pay Commission and also the amended pay structure of the Government of India.

            The decision of the state government was seen as succumbing to the pressure of its employees just ahead of the coming assembly election as only on August 21, last, about three lakh employees of the state had gone on day long strike bringing the works in all offices to a grinding halt.

            The state government statement also said a committee headed by the Chief Secretary P Joy Oommen would examine the order of the Centre, once that was out for its employees and subsequently implemented in the state.

However, instead of the Centre’s implementation date of January 1, 2006, the state decided to implement it from September 2008.

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