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     Raipur, March 31, 2023: At least 11 medical officers of Chhattisgarh Government are absent from their official duties for the last over three years, officials confirmed today.

     The Health and Family Welfare Department had found 24 such doctors who were absent from services for a longer period, official sources said.

     Out of the 24 medical officers, 11 were absent for more than three years, they said.

     Looking into the longer absence, Department inquiry had been initiated against them.

      For unauthorised long leave, six medical officers were earlier in the month February dismissed from the services.

     The Department had given the rest December 1, 2022 as the date for hearing their cases, but none of the medical officers neither turned up nor submitted any applications.

     Looking into the serious nature of the matter 11 medical officers, who had been absent from duties for the last over three years, the Health Department has initiated steps to end their services, officials said.

     Since two of the medical officers are absent for less than three years, they have been issued notices giving them last chance to clarify their position, else stern action would also be taken against them, they said.

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