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     Raipur, August 31, 2015: Due to scanty rainfall the dead storage level in some dams of Chhattisgarh has come down to as low as 13 per cent, officials said.

     The storage level of 42 dams of Chhattisgarh has reflected the actual position of the state, which was hit by drought this year.

     Muroomsilli Dam in Dhamtari district has 13.4 per cent water where as Dhara in Rajnandgaon has 15.35 per cent water.

     Doodhawa in Kanker district has a storage level of 22.03 per cent as of today where as Matiamoti dam in Rajnandgaon has 24.43 per cent water.

      Gondi dam of Balod has 27.80 per cent water and Mayana in Kanker has 28.40 per cent water.

      Ravi Shankar Sagar Dam of Dhamtari district was last year having a storage of 92.62 per cent water, where as this year it has reduced to a mere 28.06 per cent storage due to scanty rainfall, they added.

     Meanwhile, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today directed his Ministers to take stock of the situation from the ground level.

     The situation be accessed and a comprehensive report be prepared to combat the drought situation, the Chief Minister has asked his ministers.

     The Minister also said the demand of power has increased many fold due to scanty rainfall.

     In the history of Chhattisgarh there was never the demand for 3700 MW electricity, but for the 3.60 lakh pumps the demand has gone up to 3700 MW, Singh said.

     The state government was doing everything to help the farmers, he added.

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