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    Raipur, December 24, 2022: Chhattisgarh PCC today demanded apology from the BJP on the Ram Setu issue for spreading wrong thing against the Congress on the Ram Setu issue.

     The PCC also questioned the stand of BJP leaders after the Central government dismissed having any existence of Ram Setu in south of India.

     PCC Communication Department Chairman Sushil Anand Shukla said, Minister Jitendra Singh has in Parliament dismissed existence of any Ram Setu while replying to a question from BJP member Kartikeya Sharma.

     It was difficult to actually pinpoint the exact structure that existed there, the Minister had stated.

     Shukla also asked state BJP President and MP Arun Sao, when he would oppose BJP for this statement of the minister dismissing the existence of the Ram Setu.

     This statement of the Minister represented the actual character of BJP… Let the BJP beg apology for spreading false thing against the Congress party on the Ram Setu issue, the Congress party said.

     Using the name of Lord Ram BJP came to majority from a 2 MP party and now it was dismissing the very existence of the Ram Setu, Shukla said.

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