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     Raipur, November 17, 2008: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today violated the model code of conduct and also the Raipur District Administration had misled the BJP, the ruling party complained to the Election Commission.

       The Election Commission direction says public meeting can be held in the ground of educational institutions during off days or off hours, but today Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was allowed to have an election meeting by Raipur District Administration when it was school hour, BJP today complained to the Election Commission.

     The meeting was allowed at 3.30 PM when the Sapre School, in whose ground the meeting was taking place, was to continue up to 4.30 PM along with near by institutes like J R Dani Girls School and Dudhadhari Women’s College, the written complaint said.

     In a separate complaint the BJP Legal Cell state General Secretary Naresh Chandra Gupta had also asked the Raipur District Administration to clarify under which rule the permission was granted to have the election meeting for Congress.

    BJP today also urged the Central Election Commission in a separate letter to take cognizance of the use of more than three vehicles for campaign during Rahul Gandhi’s meeting.      An observer should also be sent to the official parking place of the meeting and examined how many vehicles had been used for the meeting and the entire expenditure of those vehicles be included in the accounts of four Congress candidates of Raipur seats, the ruling party demanded.

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