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     Raipur, February 05, 2024: Chhattisgarh Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan today said the CBI will probe the alleged irregularities in conducting the examination for the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission.

     CBI probe has been initiated for the PSC exams, Governor Harichandan told the Chhattisgarh Assembly.

Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan Addressing Chhattisgarh Assembly

     Earlier on arrival at the premises the Governor was welcomed by the Speaker Dr Raman Singh, Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal and Leader of Opposition Dr Charan Das Mahant.

     Addressing the 90-member house on the inaugural day, the Governor also said the new BJP government in the state is working for the welfare of the farmers and had ordered for purchase of 21 quintal paddy per acre and also it had transferred the pending bonus of two years to the farmers.

     The state government was also taking several steps for the welfare of the tribals and had announced several schemes for that also.

     Steps are also being taken to provide safe drinking water to all the household of the state, Harichandan said.

     State government was taking steps for modernisation of the police force and also was determined to root out the Maoist violence from the state, he said.

     Rajim Kumbh will again be started and celebrated in the state, he informed.

     Sports facilities will be developed in all the districts of the state, the Governor said.

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