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     Raipur, May 01, 2010: Chhattisgarh Government today clarified that the information gathered during the Census 2011 cannot be used for legal purpose.

     For making a National Population Register the government employees would visit all the houses to collect information from the head of the family, officials said today.

     From May 1 to June 15, 2010, the officials would mark the houses and their numbering in Chhattisgarh for the Census 2011, they said.

     During their visit, if they found any of the houses vacant, the census people have to mention in the appropriate column why it was vacant, whether the house was in bad condition, a renovation work was under progress or some other reasons, they added.

     The information about the source of drinking water, drainage facilities, and availability of toilets would also be collected from each household.

     The Census authorities have also clarified that the information gathered during the census is strictly confidential and that cannot be used as an evidence for any of the civil or criminal matters.

    However, the information can be used to formulate the plans for housing or other similar schemes of the Government, they added.

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