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    Raipur, October 06, 2012: Chhattisgarh Government has identified nine important sectors and today said it would try and get maximum investment in those sectors.

    The state government has identified nine sectors to promote them, Industry and Commerce Minister Rajesh Munat told a function at steel city Bhilai today.

      Government wanted to promote Information Technology, Bio-technology, Automobile and Engineering, Renewal Energy, Urban Infrastructure development, Tourism, Handicraft and Village Industry, Agriculture and Food Processing and Minor Forest Produce, Munat said.

     He also said the government plans to set up an Automobile and Engineering Park at Bhilai in Durg district.

     The state Government also clarified it would give priority to the local investors in setting up industries in the state.

     Chhattisgarh has a vary favourable environment for industrialisation and the government would give top priority to the local investors to setting up industries in the state, Munat said.

     Munat also urged the local and outside industrialists to invest in the mineral rich and power surplus Chhattisgarh state.

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