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     Raipur, August 01, 2014: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today ordered a probe into the cause of blast in a private explosive factory, in which at least five workers were killed.

     The Chief Minister has also expressed deep sorrow over the death of five workers in the incident.

     Singh has directed the Raipur District Administration to probe the incident.

     District Collector Thakur Ram Singh has issued order for magistrate probe into the incident

     In one month time the magistrate probe report will be submitted, officials said.

      In a huge explosion in Navbharat Fuse explosive factory at Abhanpur area in Raipur district at 1.30 AM today at least five workers were killed.

     The explosion was so powerful that the entire factory has been raged from the ground due to the impact of the blast and the bodies were blown to pieces and have been scattered, police said.

       Police has cordoned off the area and carrying out intensive search of the area. 

      The factory was manufacturing detonator, fuse, explosion cord and many other explosive materials and explosive experts are on the spot to investigate, what was the material responsible for the blast.

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