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     Raipur, February 05, 2015: The Chhattisgarh state Election Commission today removed Dantewada District Collector K C Devasenapathi from election works, after its recommendation was not considered by the state government.

     Dr Saransh Mittar has been made the District Returning Officer of Dantewada after delinking Devasenapathi from all election related works.

     Earlier the Commission had recommended to the Chief Secretary to remove Devasenapathi from the post of Dantewada collector saying, it was impossible to hold free, fair and peaceful election till he was the District Collector of Dantewada.

     The Commission had also recommended the name of Zilla Panchayat CEO Dr Saransh Mittar as the next district Collector of Dantewada. But after the state government refused to listen to the Election Commission, the poll body changed its DRO.

     Chhattisgarh State Election Commission on February 02, issued show cause notices to Devasenapathi accusing him of unauthorised absent from the district headquarters and not taking Panchayat election works seriously, as he had gone to Delhi to receive a prize from the Central government when the Panchayat election was being held.

     The 2007 batch IAS, Devasenapathi had been asked to submit his reply by 4 PM of February 4 and he submitted his reply in time.

     In his reply Devasenapathi claimed he had prior approval of the General Administration Department before proceeding to Delhi.

     After examining his reply the Commission had recommended his removal from the post of District Collector, the sources said.

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