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     Raipur, December 11, 2008: The reports of former Chief Minister Ajit Jogi on the race for Leader of Opposition have started haunting the bureaucrats of Chhattisgarh.

     If he becomes the Leader of Opposition of the new assembly than “he will be a Government with in the Government”, a senior Secretary told the ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com here today.

     Fondly recalling the five years tenure of the defeated Congress Leader of Opposition, many officers said, Mahendra Karma was never involved in any witch haunting.

     It was a peaceful period during Karma, but if Jogi becomes the Leader of Opposition than things would be totally different and it would also be difficult to fool him on any matters, they said.

    As a career bureaucrat, Jogi knew the style of noting and could read between the lines of the contents also and in the floor of the house it self things would be different, they said.

     Meanwhile, other officials pointed out that some of the officers of the state had become two timers and had been maintaining a channel with Jogi and other Congress leaders thinking BJP would be defeated and if he becomes the Leader of the Congress Legislature Party then it would be difficult for them to maintain the same relations with both the poles of the state, Raman Singh and Ajit Jogi.

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