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     Korba, November 17, 2008: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today claimed lawlessness and terrorism has increased during the BJP raj in Chhattisgarh and on development front also the state was lagging behind.

     Terrorism, violence and lawlessness have increased in Chhattisgarh but the state BJP government had done little, Gandhi told an election meeting here in Korba district headquarters.

     Under the UPA when the entire country was developing, because of the BJP government, Chhattisgarh was not progressing well, he said.

     The Centre had been sending huge amount of money but that was missing before that could reach the poors in Chhattisgarh, Gandhi claimed.

     Also addressing meeting in Raipur, the Congress leader said when ever Congress talks about development, BJP was highlighting terrorism and accused the UPA of not doing enough.

    But it was the NDA Minister who had gone to Kandahar and requested in folding hand to release the people there, he said and appealed to the people to remove the BJP from Chhattisgarh.

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