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     Raipur, December 25, 2023: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai today announced to have better facilities for the educated youths of the state capital Raipur.

    “We will have another Nalanda type premises in the capital Raipur,” Chief Minister Sai told a function here.

    Currently Nalanda is helping the students in achieving their goal and the government will have another similar type premise, which will help the youth in their preparation for competitive examinations, Sai said.

     Cabinet Minister O P Choudhury was also present on that occasion. As Collector Raipur Choudhury had started the Nalanda premises.

     The Chief Minister was speaking at the function after inaugurating an exhibition of the state Public Relations Department on the former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on his birth anniversary.

     The birth anniversary of Vajpayee is being celebrated as good governance day throughout the country and on this occasion, the new BJP government has organised several functions.

     The state government has also promised to increase the facilities in the current Nalanda Premises.

     While interacting with the youths, who are preparing for various competitive examinations, the Chief Minister also said in new premises and also the increase in facilities in the old one, would help the youths, who are preparing for the UPSE and PSC.

     Currently the Nalanda premises have facilities for 2500 people and is opened 24-hours to help the students and others in their studies.

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