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    Raipur, November 26, 2009: The multi-billion rupees new capital project of Chhattisgarh has been pushed into a fresh problem as a large chunk of government land has illegally been encroached upon by people.

     “Encroach on government land has become a big problem in the Naya Raipur area,” Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) officials told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com here today.

     In fact the encroachment had increased in the area after the construction work had started for the new capital project, they said.

     After a detailed survey, the government was surprised to learn that large number of government lands had been under the illegal possession of the people, they said.

     When some of the lands are encroached over the years, some of them had been done in a very systematical manner to grab the government lands, which was creating a big problem in the systematical growth of the new capital, the officials said.

     Survey had been carried out in the new Capital area and it was found that encroachments in government land have been carried out in 41 villages, including Mandir Hasoud, Dharampura, Mana, Pota, Rakhi and Temri under the NRDA, they said.

      “Notices have been issued to the people to vacate the encroached area, else the government will soon start a large scale campaign to drive out those people from the government lands,” the NRDA officials said.

    Lack of infrastructure had forced the State government to go for a state of the art capital project, close to the current capital city and the work was under progress for Mantralaya building and others spending billion of rupees.

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