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     New Delhi, July 3, 2009: Minister of Railways Mamata Banerjee today announced a new method of concessions to be given to accredited press correspondents in the Railway Budget for the fiscal 2009-10.

     Under the new method instead of giving coupons, it is now proposed to issue photo identification-cum-credit card based on the certification by the Press Information Bureau and other competent State and local authorities.

     On production of this card the Press Correspondents would be able to get reservation done and also tickets issued from the PRS/UTS counters through this card, a government release said.

     Banerjee said facilities would also be provided to get compact accommodation for both the Press Correspondents and their family members who are not availing this concession.

      In addition, concession of 30 per cent will be increased to 50 per cent for accredited press correspondents and permission will be given for once a year to travel with spouse at 50 per cent concession.

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