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     Jagdalpur, October 24, 2011: A meeting has been convened on November 27, next to acquire land in various villages of Bastar district for the long awaited steel plant of the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) at Nagarnar, officials said today.

     On November 27 at 11.00 AM Gram Sabha or village meetings have been convened for acquiring land for the Steel Plant and Pallet Plant of the NMDC at Nagarnar, officials said here.

     The Bastar district administration, in a release said they had received a proposal to hand over 93.23 hectare private and 3.26 hectare government lands for the plants of the NMDC.

     The state required 96.49 hectare lands spread over Kasturi village of the same Kasturi panchayat, Manganpur village of Amaguda Panchayat, Madpal village of the same Madpal panchayat and Chokawada village of Chokawada panchayat for the plants out of which 93.23 hectares fall under private land and 3.26 hectares are government lands.

     The Government required 1.63 hectare private and 2.12 hectare government lands in Kasturi village, 2.34 hectare private land and 0.54 hectare government needed at Manganpur village, 83.17 hectare private and 0.60 hectare government lands are required at Madpal and at Chokawada, 6.09 hectare private land are needed for the plants, it said.

     Since 2002 the NMDC was only planning to construct the steel plant at Nagarnar.

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