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     Raipur, January 19, 2009: Number plates are even missing from the government vehicles of Chhattisgarh.

      Through a special drive the state police was engaged in collecting fine from the vehicles, which were not having number plates or written improper way.

      When police was trying to tighten its grip over the private people, the vehicles of the state government were seen in the state without number plates.

      Previously a vehicle was spotted by the security forces in a high security zone having a red light mounted on the top of the vehicle but was not having any number plates. It was a security lapse, many commented pointing towards that vehicle.

     Similar things were also seen in government offices and vehicles were plying on the roads with stickers claiming it was a government vehicle but some of those vehicles were not having the number plates to confirm whether it was a government vehicle or a private one.

      When contacted, officials said ordered have already been issued to take actions against those vehicles.

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