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     Raipur, June 5, 2024: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi praised her brother Rahul after an impressive comeback of Congress and the INDIA alliance in the 2024 Lok Sabha general election.

     “You fought with love, truth and kindness in your heart. Those who could not see you, see you now, but some of us have always seen and known you to be the bravest of all,” Priyanka said in a message on X.

     “You kept standing, no matter what they said and did to you, you never backed down whatever the odds, never stopped believing however much they doubted your conviction, you never stopped fighting for the truth despite the overwhelming propaganda of lies they spread, and you never allowed anger and hatred to overcome you, even when they gifted it to you every day,” said Priyanka for her brother Rahul.

     The Congress party, which fielded 328 candidates in the Lok Sabha elections, could secure 99 seats across the country after the June 4 counting.

     This is higher than the projections made by various exit polls on June 1.

     The grand old party was predicted to win between 5-60 seats in the 2024 general election but managed to get 99 seats.

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