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     Raipur, June 17, 2011: Chhattisgarh Administration today cancelled the scheduled public hearing on the Raigarh Energy Limited, officials said.

     Locals are opposing tooth and nail the 2 X 300 MW thermal based power project of Raigarh Energy Limited in Hamirpur village of Tamnar tehsil in Raigarh district.

     When the hearing started at the proposed plant site Hamirpur in the presence of the government officials, company management and villagers, locals started opposing the power plant on various grounds, sources said.

     However, a state government release claimed, when the meeting started the Vice President of the Company told the officials to defer the public hearing as the Environment Consultant and other senior managers of the company have failed to attend the meeting due some reasons.

     Considering the request of the management, the public hearing on Raigarh Energy Limited was cancelled by the Raigarh District Administration, the release said.

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