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     Raipur, January 21, 2009: Former Finance Minister and prominent Congress leader Ram Chandra Singh Deo would contest the coming Lok Sabha election from Chhattisgarh.

     Congress party sources said looking into his image, the party is considering his name as a candidate for Lok Sabha election in Chhattisgarh.

     The AICC is giving stress for winnability and Singh Deo has a very good image and he is one of the probable candidates for the election as the party also wanted to increase its tally of MPs from the state, they said.

     When contacted, Singh Deo said he would contest the election if party fields him.

     “I will not approach the party for a ticket, but yes definitely I will contest the Lok Sabha election, if I will be made the candidate,” he told the ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com.

     Singh Deo refused to contest the recently held state Assembly election saying the polls have been reduced to distribution of money and liquor and he can not do that.

     When his attention was drawn to the previous statement, he said that was why he was saying that he would contest the election if party fields him. Which means the party would also fund him as he never had that much amount of money to fight such a big election.

     The six times MLA, who is the first Finance Minister of the state, is a much respected leader from Congress, whom even Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and his cabinet colleagues listen carefully to take advantage of his expertise in fiscal management and water management sectors.

     In Congress circle also he is the most respected man for his image as an honest politician, with no corruption scandal ever rocked against him in Chhattisgarh.

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