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     Bilaspur, December 1, 2008: The South East Central Railways is privatising some of its facilities in Raipur, Bilaspur and Durg railway stations of Chhattisgarh.

     A comprehensive plan has been prepared to privatise some of its facilities in the three prominent railway stations of Chhattisgarh, including that of retiring room and dormitory facilities, SECR officials said today.

     The new plan has been developed to provide better facilities, the Railways said apparently admitting that the facilities provided by the Railways were not up to the mark at present.

      The Central government was so determined to give space to the private parties that the Railways said it was ready to allow the private players to even change the current structure for creating space for retiring room and dormitory, a SECR decision said.      The Railways also planning to provide medical facilities through the private parties and said the private parties would be allowed to be in touch with the local hospitals in the three places and provide medical services to the passengers in case of emergency

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