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     Raipur, June 5, 2009: A thunder storm today evening thrown the Capital city of Chhattisgarh out of gear for the entire day.

     At about 4.00 PM the Raipur city experienced a heavy rainfall coupled with the thunder storm, which rendered many people homeless.

    Although the state officials are unavailable for comment, but the city spoke itself about the trail of destruction caused by the storm.

     Weathermen said the speed of the wind was about 80 KMPH, which uprooted many a tree.

      A huge tree of the official quarter of the PWD Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal had blocked the road of the Shankar Nagar Road where as in a similar incident many people had a providential escape near the SBI Colony and also at the VIP Guest House and many parts of the city.

     Since the trees have damaged the electricity lines, the entire capital city was plunged into darkness for several hours and lately power systems were restored in a few of the places of the city past midnight.

     Water supply of the city had also been affected.

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