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     Raipur, August 6, 2009: For nearly two hours the students from Mandlor Middle School of Raipur district today seized control of the residence of Agriculture Minister Chandrasekhar Sahu for not appointing any teachers in their institute.

    About 100 students, parents and elected people’s representatives of Mandlor of Abhanpur assembly segment today thronged the residence of their local MLA and state Agriculture Minister to discuss with him about lack of any teachers in their Middle School.

     When the Minister was unavailable to the villagers for a longer period, they entered inside the residence and raised high pitch slogans for two hours, blocking all entrance.

     Finally the villagers and the students handed over key of the school to the staff of the Minister and left angrily to the residence of School Education Minister Brij Mohan Agrawal.

     Later on Sarpanch Gobardhan Dewangan told reporters that they have decided today to boycott the Minister Sahu for not meeting them earlier in the day at his residence.

     Also on the school matter, the Education Minister had promised them to appoint teachers in seven days time. So after that they would decide their next course of action, he said.

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