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     Raipur, November 30, 2015: At least 18 farmers of Chhattisgarh have suicide due to crop loss and related matters.

     Chhattisgarh is reeling under a severe drought condition and farmers have started feeling depressed due to the situation, despite the assurance of the state government to provide all assistance to the ryots.

     Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, the size of agricultural lands have shrunk over the years, creating a sense of insecurity among the farmers, despite zero per cent rate of interest agriculture loan and other facilities provided by the state BJP government.

     Due to distress, 18 farmers have committed suicide in the last four months, media and other reports suggested.

      However, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said his government was doing everything possible to provide relief to the farmers and they should have patience.

     On the other hand Congress has constituted probe committee to inquire about the death of the 18 farmers and that’s all.

     On July 29 last Murlidhar Rathia of Dharamjaigarh block in Raigarh district died where as on July 30 Jageswar Singh Kanwar of Korba Block died.

      On September 11 Gokul Sahu of Arang block of Raipur district died and on September 13 Uderam Chandrawanshi of Chhuria in Rajnandgaon block died.

     Death of Baliram Sonwani of Bhatapara of Balouda Bazar District was reported on September 17 and on September 25 death of Raghuram Mandavi of Vishrampuri block in Kondagaon district was reported.

     On September 27 Man Singh died in Pharasgaon block of Kondagaon district where as on October 29 Ishwarlal Korram of Chhuria block in Rajnandgaon died.

     Rekhram Sahu of Gurur block in Balod district was reported dead on  October 31 and on November 15 Himmat Ram died in Dongargaon block of Rajnandgaon district.

    On November 16 three deaths were reported. Poonam Uikey of Dongargarh block of Rajnandgaon district was declared dead where as on the same day November 16, Harban Halba died in Gurur block of Balod district. On the same day Jugeswar Sahu of Dhamtari block and district died.

      Manohar Nishad of Durg Block was reported dead on November 20 and on November 22 Chetanlal Sahu of Dongargarh block of Rajnandgaon was reported dead.

     On November 27 two deaths were reported. Ram Khilawan Sahu of Dongargarh block of Rajnandgaon district died on November 27 and on the same day Radheshyam Sahu of Arjuni block of Dhamtari district also died.

      On November 28 Domeswar of Gunderdehi block in Balod district was reported dead.

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