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     Raipur, July 1, 2009: Five businessmen from Raipur have reportedly been roughed up and detained in a police station in Nepal for two days.

     However, when contacted Police Headquarters and the Raipur District Police today expressed ignorance about any such incident and said they have not been informed about any such thing.

     Five businessmen had been detained in Bandipur, the district headquarters of Tanahun district on Saturday for two days and after they were found innocent, police allowed them to go, media report said.

     After trapped in a road blockade agitation, the five decided to stretch their leg. While moving in the nearby area to see the architectural designs of local houses and taking snap of a boy, the locals mistook them as child abductors and allegedly roughed them up, before handing them to Abukhaireni police station, it said.

     “For two days the five had to cool their heels at the Abukhaireni police station, sleeping on the floor and basic eating meals provided by the cops,” the report said.
     On Monday, finally, when it was ascertained that they were innocent tourists, they were allowed to leave. The apprehensive group, however, decided not to take any more chances but head back to India.

     Media reports said recently, a group of people from Maharashtra were also assaulted by Nepal villagers after child abduction rumour spread.

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