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     Raipur, November 19, 2012: Amid protest from the main opposition Congress, the ruling BJP in Chhattisgarh today launched its Nagar Suraj campaign to reach out to the urban voters.

     Through the Nagar Suraj Campaign, the state government wanted to understand the mood of its urban voters by mobilising all its forces to the nooks and corners to understand the problems of the people.

     The state government had been carrying out Gram Suraj Abhiyan to take stock of the developmental works in the rural sector of the state in the last couple of years and for the first time the BJP government wanted to carry out such a work in the urban sector, a senior BJP leader said.

     Through this, the state government also wanted to understand the anti-incumbency factor, if any, among the urban voters and re-draft its strategy accordingly as the next general election was not far, he said.

     Meanwhile, the Congress party has also decided to oppose the move of the BJP government tooth and nail and during the same period the Opposition has decided to observe Nagar Bachao (save city) campaign, PCC sources said.

     As a part of that the Congress workers today courted arrest in Raipur, where as in a separate incident, workers from both the main parties were violently clashed in the street of Raipur also.

     The Congress workers have also attempted to disrupt the functions of some of the Ministers and others when they were touring various localities of Raipur, Bilaspur and other areas.

     However, in one such meeting, the Congress mayor of Rajnandgaon was seen sharing dais with the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh during the Nagar Suraj Abhiyan.

     Congress leaders have refused to comment on that development.

     Meanwhile, official sources said the week long Nagar Suraj Abhiyan was stated in all the 168 urban local bodies of the state today.

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