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     Raipur, August 07, 2015: An international flight of the United Bangladesh Airlines today made an emergency landing at Raipur Airport.

     It was difficult to land at Raipur but the skilled touched down by pilots of the Bangladesh Airlines earned an instant praise as Raipur runway was comparatively a small one and not fit for international flights.

     The Bangladesh Airlines flight was going from Dhaka to Mascot when it developed technical snag, Airport officials said.

      Due to technical snag the UBD 585 flight contact the Nagpur Air Traffic Control and then Raipur ATC and finally made the emergency landing at Swami Vivekananda Airport Raipur this evening, they said.

     The flight has 164 passengers and eight crew members, who are said to be safe.

     Security forces have cordoned off the area since the passengers do not have any documents to land in Indian soil.

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