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    New Delhi, September 21, 2012: The Union Cabinet has approved the National Policy on Information Technology 2012.

     The Policy envisaged the growth of the IT market to USD 300 billion and creation of additional 10 million employments by 2020, an official release said. 

     The Policy, approved recently, aims to leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to address the country’s economic and developmental challenges.

     The policy was rooted in the conviction that ICT has the power to transform the lives of people.

     Among other things the policy suggested to make at least one individual in every household e-literate.

     It also suggested to provide for mandatory delivery of and affordable access to all public services in electronic mode and to enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency, reliability and decentralization in Government and in particular, in delivery of public services. 
     The policy attempted to optimally leverage India’s global edge in ICT to advance national competitiveness in other sectors, particularly those of strategic and economic importance.

     The Policy would also promote an inclusive and equitable society. It was oriented towards use of ICT to consciously promote decentralization and empowerment of citizens, the release said.

     The Policy would be notified in the Gazette shortly.

      Detailed proposals for individual initiatives would be formulated in consultation with the concerned Ministries, Government sources said. 

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