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     Bemetara, May 04, 2024: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai today came down heavily on the Congress and alleged that the Opposition Congress was responsible for change in Constitution for 80 times.

Public Meeting at Nawagarh, District Bemetara

     It was not BJP, but the Congress which had changed the Constitution of India for 80 times and now it has been engaged in spreading misinformation that the Constitution will be changed if BJP got 400 plus seats in the general election 2024, said Chief Minister Sai.

     Sai was speaking in a public rally at Nawagarh in Bemetara district, while campaigning for Durg Lok Sabha BJP candidate Vijay Baghel.

     Last time Vijay Baghel had won by a margin of over 4 lakh votes in 2019 and had very strongly raised the issues in the Lok Sabha, Sai said adding Baghel was also the Chairman of the Election Manifesto Committee in the 20023 December state assembly election.

Nawagarh Public Meeting

     Appealing to the people to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister for the third time, the Chief Minister Said because of him Ram Mandir was constructed at Ayodhya, Article 370 was abolished from Kashmir and had done many a good work for the people.

     On the other hand Congress had made 36 promises in the 2018 assembly election here and in its 5-year rule, the Congress party had not fulfilled a single promise, he claimed.

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