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     Raipur, December 23, 2022: Chhattisgarh Police today arrested a drug peddler from the capital city Raipur and seized from his possessions drugs worth half a lakh rupees.

     One youth was arrested today by Raipur police from the capital city with 500 tablets of Nitrazepam tablets.

     Nitrazepam tablet worth Rs 50,000 was recovered from the alleged paddler, Raipur police sources said.

     The accused had been selling the drugs while moving in four wheelers, the sources said.

     Nitrazepam is said to be used to treat panic disorders, severe anxiety, insomnia, and seizures.

      Raipur police had previously also seized drugs of various modes from different locations of the district.

     Meanwhile, Raipur police has arrested 465 people under prevention sections.

     Raipur police had launched a campaign against the criminals ahead of the New Year celebration.

     In the last 6 days as many as 465 people have been arrested so far and sent to judicial remand under the prevention section, they said.

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