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     Raipur, May 31, 2024: The entire cabinet of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai will be in the Indian institute of Management (IIM) Raipur for a two-day Chintan Shivir from today to understand various issues.

     “This will be a brainstorming session on the issues of welfare and development of Chhattisgarh,” a top source told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com.

IIM Raipur Chintan Shivir

     The Chintan Shivir was the initiative of the Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai to make his entire cabinet understand the issues of management and finding solution to protracted issues confronting the state, the sources said. 

     After becoming Chief Minister Raman Singh had also undertaken such a course on development at Hyderabad and afterward he ruled the state for 15 years continuously.

     The two-day session will also help prepare road map for development of the state.

     In the session the Ministers will discuss with experts on details of strategy on agriculture, health, mining, Finance and especially Public Finance and policy matters.

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