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     Raipur, December 14, 2009: After a long long gap the Chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh would have a proper residential quarter for him.

     Surprisingly the people, who were previously evicting officials for not abiding the government order, were responsible for capturing houses even after they demit the office.

     After retirement from the top post of Chief Secretary and subsequently from some unimportant post Arun Kumar was reluctant to leave his palatial quarter B5/1 at Shankar Nagar, Raipur till he was asked forcefully to vacate that by the Raman Singh Government.

    IPS Rajiv Mathur was forcefully asked to vacate the B 5/9, Shankar Nagar quarter by the previous Congress Government to accommodate the then Additional Chief Secretary S K Mishra and after a big quarter was retained by Arun Kumar, Mishra stayed in on that spacious quarter as the Chief Secretary and a couple of more years as the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

    Like the marked quarter for the Chief Minister, Speaker of the State Assembly, many a state has marked quarters for the Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police but that was not happening in Chhattisgarh.

    Marked quarters helped the people to reach out to them in case of emergency and also made easier for the security agencies to provide better security cover without much of expenses from the state exchequer.

     Due to lack of proper accommodation, at least three of the bureaucrats had to house themselves in comparatively smaller ones even as the Chief Secretary.

    But after the B5/9 quarter was vacated by Mishra, that was totally renovated and allotted to P Joy Oommen after declaring that quarter as Residence of the Chief Secretary.

     People are waiting to see when marked quarters would be allotted to the state Police DG, District Collector and District SP at Raipur.

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