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     Raipur, January 5, 2009: Chhattisgarh Governor ESL Narasimhan today said naxalism and terrorism are two sides of the same coin.

    The Constitutional head of the state also refused to acknowledge that there was any exodus of people from the state for search of bread and butter, while addressing the inaugural session of the third Assembly today.

     Naxalism and terrorism are the two dreaded sides of the same coin and are a great challenge to the internal security of the country, he said.

     To counter the urban terrorism the state had decided to develop a battalion of Chhattisgarh Armed Force as a commando force and also forces would be deployed in the state headquarters and at the district levels as anti-terrorist squad, he said adding an Anti-terrorist Control Room would be set up to gather, analyse and exchange of information with the Centre and other states on terrorist activities.

      The Governor also said Salwa Judum would not only be continued but strengthened in the coming days.

     Talking on the migration of the people from the state, Narasimhan said there was a tradition in Chhattisgarh of going to other states for better works, which was also termed as migration.

    Sufficient employment generated works would be carried out in the state to remove the uncertainty and insecurity from the mind of the people, he added.

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