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     Raipur, October 28, 2008: Chhattisgarh Government had sought cooperation from its citizen to check supply and hoarding of illicit liquor in the wake of November state assembly elections.

     In case any one coming across any information about illegal transportation, storing or selling of such liquor they should inform the Excise Commissioner for an early action, a state government release said here.

    The appeal had been made keeping the state Assembly election in mind, it said.

     Many people, including officials under P Joy Oommen and Vishwa Ranjan, have expressed surprise over the statement of the Excise Department as many were of the opinion that the illegal trade was well with in the information of the Department.

     Due to the coming elections, the illegal trade was also getting political patronize in many places, as distribution of liquor has become one of the mandates for the candidates during polls.

     However, after the Election Commission took serious notes of the illegal trade the Department had sought the cooperation from the people to check that, many opined.

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