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     Raipur, August 23, 2010: Chhattisgarh Government has decided to launch a campaign for a free health check up to 60 lakh school students of the state.

      The health check up would be carried out to keep the six million school going students in good health, officials said today.

     As per the direction of the health Minister Amar Agrawal, the doctors and para medical staff would be visiting the schools and after the check up, the health conditions of the students would also be mentioned in a special health card, to be issued to each pupil in the state, they said.

     Currently the state had 53,673 primary schools with about 35 lakh students enrolled in that. About 15 lakh students have been studying in 21,950 middle schools and in 2,630 high schools six lakh students and another three lakh students are attending classes in 3,260 higher secondary schools in the state, the officials said.

     As per direction, the health condition, treatment of any diseases, free medicines and dose of vitamin A would be mentioned in the health card and in case any of the students change his school than the card would also be transferred, they said.

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