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     Raipur, May 4, 2010: Senior Congress leader Mahendra Karma today demanded start of Salwa Judum in naxal hit areas of Chhattisgarh.

     In the wake of step up violence from the Maoists side, Karma, who was the Leader of Opposition in the previous assembly, said the issue of naxalism should be discussed thoroughly in an all party meeting.

     Salwa Judum should immediately be started as the naxal issue cannot be handled alone by the police forces, said Karma.

    The result would be something different if all the political parties work together, the senior Tribal leader of the state said adding the Centre should convene an all party meeting to discuss all sides of the issue.

    In that meeting the people’s representatives and prominent people of various societies of the naxal hit areas of the country should be invited to participate, he said.

     The Salwa Judum was started in 2005 and Karma led them from the front against the Maoists in Dantewada and Bijapur districts.

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