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     Raipur, February 12, 2013: Wife and husband would now jointly get compensation and other amounts of rehabilitation package against land acquisition after the Chhattisgarh government has amended the act on that matter, official sources said today.

     About six months after Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh announced on August 15, last to change the rule, the state Revenue Department finally amended and a notification was issued on that direction last week, the officials said.

     All the district collectors have also been issued instruction on that direction, they added.

     On land acquisition, although the land owner is entitled for compensation, but the entire family was affected by the decision. Keeping that in mind, it was decided to issue the money in the name of land owner and amount against the rehabilitation scheme be paid jointly in the name of both wife and husband.

     In the case where the mother/father are dead, the compensation be jointly paid in the name of other family members like sons and daughters, the officials added.

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