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     Raipur, May 10, 2010: Chhattisgarh Government today urged the Centre to consider deploying army to fight Maoists after successive killing by the naxalites in the state.

     “Looking into the current situation the Central Government should consider taking help of army to deal with naxal violence,” State Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar told ChhattisgarhTopNews.Com here today.

     Although he praised the Centre for its steps to combat the situation, but Kanwar called on New Delhi to take more steps to “save the democracy”.

     Kanwar also rejected any peace talks with the Maoists.

     “Maoists do not want peace, talk or development and that are confirmed from the current situation of uninterrupted violence committed by the Left guerrillas,” the Home Minister said adding instead of talk strong action should be initiated against them.

     In a daring attack, the Maoists had massacred 76 security forces on April 6 last in Dantewada district and on Saturday last blown up a security vehicle in Bijapur District killing all the eight security personnel, travelling in that bullet proof vehicle, Chhattisgarh police said.

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