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     Raipur, May 04, 2012: Maoist interlocutor Brahma Dev Sharma today clarified that the interlocutors from the Maoists and the Chhattisgarh Government had reached only one agreement for the release of Sukma District Collector Alex V F Paul Menon and there was no hidden agreement.

     “There is no hidden agreement,” Sharma told a press conference at the New Circuit House here.

     He, however, criticized the state government on many points.

     “Without the consent of the locals, why TATA is setting up a steel plant at Lohandiguda in Bastar district,” asked the retired IAS officer, who was appointed by the Maoists as their interlocutor for the discussion with the state government for the safe release of Menon.

     Tribals said those areas are belonged to them and even a truck-load of currency was of no use to them, he said adding ownership of the natural resources should be with the community.

     Referring to the Standing Committee formed to review the cases of people languishing in various jails of the state, Sharma also said no one has the list of how many people are inside jail in the state.

     When the 2006-batch IAS officer was on a tour of the Majhipara area in Sukma District on April 21 during Gram Suraj Abhiyan, he was confronted by the Maoists guerrilla and after exchange of fire, the civil servant was kidnapped by Maoists after killing both his body guards. Menon was released on May 3 by the Maoists.

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