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     Raipur, August 06, 2010: To combat naxal menace, Chhattisgarh Government today issued the notification for the formation of Gariabandh as a separate police district.

     Gariabandh has been carved out from Raipur revenue district for maintain a better law and order situation, crime control and better control of naxal menace, officials said.

    The district headquarters of the new police district would be Gariabandh.

     Ten police stations have been put together to create the new police district. They are Mainpur, Deobhog, Chhura, Gariabandh, Phingeswar, Piparchhedi, Indagaon, Payalikhand, Sobha and Amlipadar, they said.

    Officials said a non-IPS Kamal Lochan Kashyap could be the first SP of the new police district.

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