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     Raipur, July 13, 2023: Senior minister Dr Prem Sai Singh Tekam today resigned from the Bhupesh Baghel cabinet.

     “It is the prerogative of the Chief Minister who should be ministers in his cabinet,” Tekam told reporters here.

     To a question he said he has not resigned he was asked to resign.

      “I was informed, since there is a direction from the AICC to resign I need to submit my paper,” he said.

      Tekam was the School Education Minister and a close confidant of the Deputy Chief Minister T S Singhdeo.

     Tekam would be rehabilitated in some corporation with a cabinet minister rank, sources said.      After Mohan Markam was removed yesterday from PCC President it is likely that he will be accommodated in the cabinet but due to limit in the size of the cabinet, one minister had to give way to Markam and Tekam today resigned.

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